Dr. Christopher Cottrell

Dr. Christopher Cottrell is a Certified Trainer with VitalSmarts ® in the area of Crucial Conversations ® and is a professional mediator. He has presented training in Crucial Conversations ® presentation with businesses in the Columbus, Ohio area. Additionally, he has used Crucial Conversations to intervene in conflicts in businesses and organizations.

Dr. Cottrell has provided training on the national and international levels on the craft of mediation. His focus is to guide relationships and organizations to engage in difficult, crucial conversations working towards acceptable and appropriate resolutions. Additionally, he has used his consulting skills in domestic and civil mediation and also church mediations. He also provides online mediation and training.

Educationally, his background includes a doctoral degree in group conflict from Ashland University, and a Master’s degree from Anderson University with a focus on psychology and ethics. He has engaged in continuing education in mediation and leadership trainings offered by the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Ohio Mediation Association, the Mediation Association of Northern Ohio, The Ohio State University Medical Center, and Riverside Hospital. Additionally, Dr. Cottrell has Ombudsman training from the International Ombudsman Association which focuses on confidentiality, independence, and neutrality. Memberships include the Ohio Mediation Association.

Dr. Cottrell’s goal is to help people engage in difficult, crucial conversations in a healthy way that lead to productive outcomes.


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Dr. Christopher Cottrell is a SB Partner and Certified Trainer with VitalSmarts® Crucial Conversations®. He also is a professional mediator in the Columbus, Ohio area. He has provided training nationally and internationally on the craft of mediation. Contact